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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post
This is why Nash is my favorite NBAer after VCU grads Eric Maynor (out with an ACL tear) & Larry Sanders (playing for the Buck's D-League team). The guy's downright amazing. I would love to see him finally get the championship he deserves.
I have a purple Nash jersey hanging on a wall in my house that I have worn to every Suns game I've ever attended (except ONE when I wore my Amare jersey). It hangs on a regular clothes hanger next to a poster of Nash that I have had for years. When I am going to a game, or I am in "WAR SUNS" mode, the jersey comes off the hanger and I wear it with pride (though I've lost enough weight to use it as a parachute, still, using a mesh b-ball jersey as an actual parachute is probably not logical). The jersey looks old and weathered, with threads on the letters and numbers coming loose from years of wear and tear. When Steve decides to put the Suns on the hanger, I will put that jersey in a frame and retire the number 13 in the house of JB for all eternity.

Yeah, you could call me a fan of Nash!
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