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Originally Posted by rockdawg21 View Post
Crazy, he didn't even bother visiting KC. We are the team that has the highest payroll openings too. Not that Peyton is greedy, but we could have surrounded with with whatever talent he wanted. Guess Tennessee is a great fit for him though; he can get revenge on Indy twice next year and with his presence on the field, Chris Johnson will be able to return to his previous form.
Tennessee is where his wife is from, and of course he was a Volunteer (even though they aren't big Vols fans in Nashville). I would consider KC over Tennessee, but not over Arizona or Denver if I am Peyton Manning. Although I will honestly say I think Steve Breaston is a better WR than anybody on Denver or Tennesse (exception being Kenny Britt, but we gotta see if he is healthy). Still, if Peyton wants to smash the record books while competing for a Super Bowl, Arizona is the best place because we have Larry. He may not win with another ring with ANY of these teams, but it's a damn good bet that him and Larry will set some records.

I love Nashville, and my family is deeply rooted in Tennessee. If they get him I know he will be in loving hands, but if we are strictly talking football then the Cardinals are the perfect place for Peyton IMO.
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