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Well, boys and girls, the NBA trade deadline came and passed today at 3pm ET. What 3 things have we learned in the last 3 weeks? Let's review.

1. Dwight Howard is NOT Shaquille O'neal (yet). - The fact that Dwight is staying in Orlando is great for the Magic and everybody else who loves basketball around Disneyworld. How fitting? Only Disneyworld itself can actually compare to the circus Howard brought to Orlando this season. I applaud him for staying, and for apologizing for all the nonsense, but why now? Did the Magic convince him that if he's patient they will actually build around him? Reports are that Howard wanted the Magic to make a move for Steve Nash, but the Suns made it clear that they would not deal Nash unless he asked for a trade (I will touch on this later). Dwight said today that he "got some bad advice". From who? His agent? The guy who wasn't his agent when he signed his last contract and didn't make a cut? I can't imagine why that guy would wanna see him in a bigger market...... Either way, Magic fans can breathe a sigh of relief because they get to keep dating one of the hottest girls in school for another year.

2. Jeremy Lin is NOT Steve Nash - "Linsanity" was fun. So was "Tebowmania". Personally, I preferred "Hulkamania"...but that was years ago. However, the awesomeness that Lin put up for 2 weeks in February seems to have fizzled out faster than a topless 2-liter of two week old soda. Known ball-buster Carmelo Anthony isn't helping much. Since he has come back, Linsanity has died, they lost 6 straight, and now D'antoni has quit. They had a blowout win over Portland last night, an obvious response to the criticism, but hopefully Mike Woodson can get a system in place that works for these guys. There is just too much talent on the Knicks for them to suck this bad.

3. Steve Nash is NOT Lebron James - Nash may be 38, but you would never know by watching him play. The Suns probably could have gotten a decent pull if they traded him now, but they took the high road and elected not to drop a bomb on their season. and more importantly their fans, by not shipping Nash out of town. Now, we can gracefully say goodbye to our Canadian hero before he becomes a free agent in the off-season and gets offered more money than the Suns can pay him. It would have been easy for Nash to say "TRADE ME", and they would have done it if he pressed, but that's not Steve. If Nash does leave, hopefully he gets paired up with a team that can give him a chance to finally win a ring. Didn't I say something about Dwight Howard earlier? What about the Knicks? Now that Linsanity has fizzled out, are NY fans still hoping for a Nash/Stoudimire reunion, or did that idea die when D'Antoni left NYC?

Love me some NBA.
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