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Originally Posted by huan View Post
lol, right? how about some 9mm and 5.56 too?
Iím not sure how I would work the 170 number into a Parabelum or .223 load, but Iím sure it would be awesome!

With the 308 and 40 itís a perfect fit. Sniper and match loads for the 308 run in the 168-175 grain range, so a 170 would fit right in. It would have enough velocity to get out there and enough weight to hit like bad news. I recently tried some 165 grain plinkers in my 4006 and was very impressed. They seem to shoot a LOT flatter than the 180s for no apparent reason, and have a bit less recoil. Iím sure a 170 would do as well.

I know Matt likes the 308, I donít know if he has a 40SW but this would give him an excuse to pick one up!
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