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Originally Posted by Play The Man View Post
Now it makes more sense.
I thought the landlord would be difficult.....turns out I think he was just glad to see me gone

I learned the value of making insurance videos a few years ago

This video was recorded in a place called The Shrewsbury Lodge Hotel on the Wirral. I had visited it regularly throughout 2008 because of staying in Liverpool to watch Cage Gladiator events. Now after recording this I got home and the Hotel claimed I had vandalized the room and wanted money. This video prooved that I had not done that.

I mentioned it in several blogs of course and when I sent them the videos they backed down. Needless to say I never went back, but everytime I visit a hotel I make an insurance it seemed obvious what to do when leaving Granville and facing a difficult landlord

Now of course I actually methodically go through all the items in the room and their state. I even did it when I went to the United States.
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