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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
DAMN! Well, I opened up my shirt a little before he got to the window. I think that helped.

I've only gotten pulled over twice and my dad knew the cop once and the 2nd time my dad was driving by. i told the cop getting the ticket was not the bad part my dad just saw it and I knew it was disappointing to him. My dad is very much into keeping our last name a "good" name in town. I didn't get a ticket either time. The 1st cop I saw at a family funeral a few months later. we live in a small town!

Whenever you get a speeding ticket (in Florida at least) insurance are split into 2 catagories for insurance companies. under 15 and 15 or over. if you get a speeding ticket it is definately a must to do the driving course to not get the points. especially over 15. it stays on your license for at least 3 years and they charge for the whole 3 years.
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