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Originally Posted by rockdawg21 View Post
I already knew you were going to ring it with that "numbers don't tell the whole story thing". I nearly put something at the bottom but figured I'd just wait. BTW, ever read the book or see a movie called "Moneyball"?

He isn't that significant of a presence and the other guy is going to take his place just fine. Still didn't change that I already chose Vandy to take them out anyways
I think they will still win 2, maybe 3 games. Keita will step in, but 'Cuse as a team needs Melo. They were 2-1 without him and did not look that impressive (they should not have beaten West Virginia). Jardine needs to step up, Waiters has to play like he did against Cincy, and Fair is the other piece that has to play well.
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