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Originally Posted by kevint13 View Post
I'm in....but already had to change my bracket....With Melo ineligible with 'Cuse I had to set their exit a little sooner!
I don't think it will be that significant. They still have Baye Keita (6'10") who is every bit as good as Melo (7'0"), but has played less. If you do a comparison between the numbers they produce and the number of minutes played, they're virtually the same player. Keita's just looking for his time to shine.

Here, I did a comparison using the stats of Keita as if he were playing the same number of minutes per game as Melo:

- Melo - 25.4
- Keita - 11.6
- Thus, 25.4/11.6 = 2.2 is the mutiplier to use for Keita's stats in comparison to Melo's

- Melo - 3.3/5.8/56.6%
- Keita - 2.0/2.6/75.0%

Free Throws:
- Melo - 1.3/2.0/63.3%
- Keita - 1.1/1.5/68.2%

- Melo - 2.7/3.2/5.8
- Keita - 2.0/3.1/5.1

- Melo - 0.7/1.4/0.5/2.9/2.8/7.8
- Keita - 0.2/0.7/0.4/2.0/3.9/4.8

Sorry, I would do a table format, but this forum doesn't allow for HTML coding.

Anyways, if you look at it like this, they aren't much different stat-wise nor physically.
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