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Originally Posted by flo View Post
Oh, okay, thanks. I thought they were"tropical", that's why I was confused. That is a very nice set-up you have made for them and it also looks very escape-proof (with the fine mesh and the double entry doors). Cool! they could be classed as desert birds. almost all the birds you can buy in England like Finches, Budgies, etc are native to Australia. So they are used to VERY hot weather, but also very arid weather and should have the genetic capability to cope with the sort of cold you find in a desert at night.

Obviously, these birds are all born in captivity, since the bird flue pandemic its been illegal to import finches...I didnt know that until this morning. So we are reliant obviously on captivity born birds that have never experienced the conditions of Australia...sooo we are working off genetics, rather then experience...and of course my birds are acclimatized to living they will need to get used to harsher conditions outside.

But generally love birds, fire finches, Zebra Finches, Society finches, Star finches, Budgies and canaries...should all be alright in aviaries...gouldian finches there is some debate over because they scare to easy...I mean, my friend lost all hers, that were kept in doors...over fireworks joke...the fireworks from outside scared them so much they all died

When you have a lot of birds, you oughta get some ground birds to clear the shyte Quail....I desperatly want Quail but there is a bloody shortage of those at present also!

Java Sparrows...I dont know if you can keep those in Aviaries...I suppose so...but they might be really expensive. My Friend, unbelievably has THREE Java Sparrows, and they look like they might be breeding...she says that if they do, I can take some of the offspring...they live well with finches, and they are absolutely gorgeous...they look like miniature black and white puffins, thats the only way to describe them, and hers are absolutely beautiful...I couldnt believe it when I saw them...she told me that a friend of hers had become ill, couldnt take them and given them away, she said they were "some kind of finch" I looked into the cage and saw three vibrant Java Sparrows...I said "OMG I think you have Java Sparrows!!"...and when I got home the first thing I did was to check on google images...and sure enough, they are unmistakable...I saw one in the pet shop when I first bought Jens

If they breed...I will have been entrusted with something terribly precious
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