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Default In case you missed Bellator while watching TUF

Joe Warren loses in the most spectacular of ways, every one of his losses have been a highlight to remember. His weird 'no tap' loss to Bibiano Fernandes, his knockout loss to Alexis Villa. If you ask us, everything Joe Warren does is full of guts and a tenacity that normal mortals will never be able to wrap their minds around. When he was cheering on Hendo at Hendo Vs. Fedor he was louder than Russians four, possibly even five times his size, and that's no easy feat. Joe Warren half-asses nothing, and his round three loss to quickly rising star, nay, now established star, Pat Curran, was filled with Warren's usual amount of grit.

Warren was outsized (Curran looked like Stefan Struve compared to Warren) and being outstruck by Curran from the beginning of the fight. Somehow, Warren found any way he could to close the distance and take Curran down to the best of his undersized abilities. It didn't work so well in round one, where Warren was rocked by a brutal and well timed knee, but Warren survived into the second round then revealed to his corner he had a possible broken hand. Then, through a never-ending supply of takedowns, Warren wins round two.

Between rounds Curran's corner tells him he's down two rounds to nothing, so 'turn it up' and that he did. Curran poured it on Warren so bad I felt guilty that I lived a few short miles from Team Curran. Witness this massacre by your new Bellator featherweight champ, Pat Curran below.

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