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Originally Posted by flo View Post
That *is* a very nice aviary and it's great that your Nan is so supportive with the project.

But isn't it too cold to have the birds outside? Aren't they indoor birds? I'm no expert though, I've never had birds...

After I get younger plants from the nursery I have to acclimatize them in the garage before I can put them out this time of year (and some have to stay in the garage every winter, even though they're several years old). At least, that's how it works with rhododendrons, lol.
These birds can be outdoor or indoor...the problem with my birds is they have been indoor and are now making the change to outdoor. The next set of birds may do better because they will go right into the aviary rather then spending a few years indoors first

On the whole finches and budgies should be able to cope with the outdoors, just like the tits, finches, starlings, sparrows, blackbirds that exist in the absolute wild
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