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Originally Posted by flo View Post
Seriously? I thought he was named after our Mike... I have no clue who that other guy is.
No...if it was named after our mike...I might have well as called the bird "boobies"

The guy in the photo is that silverback fighter from the IFL, he has an unpronounceable...and I mean IMPOSSIBLE surname, so I took the liberty of using his Christian name, otherwise it just wouldnt have worked.

I was going to meet him this month when the plans for American Dreams Tour Three were expansive enough to include nigh on the entire southern states of the US....but when that started to shrink because of financial pressures (namely I had to self fund rather then use inheritance money) He obviously couldnt make New York

Then when the Jennyfields Settlement blew up four months ago, I cancelled the tour completely. I was due to be in the United States...well...NOW...but we decided to go for Markenfield instead. So instead of Las Vegas/New York/and the guy in the photograph above...I have a new house

We could re-arrange America...but we couldnt re-arrange getting this house.

Course now his namesake went as far as drowning himself in his own drinking water because he couldnt cope with freedom of an aviary, I dont know how Mike will react...I DO know his Wife will be gutted, coz she loves birds and knows heaps about them that is a very long story
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