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Another point about the 28 million dollar bonus...

If anybody deserves that kind of money it's Peyton Manning. Over the last 14 years, Manning increased the value of the Colts franchise by over 233 million dollars. Far and away, that is more than any other single player has done for an NFL franchise in history.

This is according to Forbes...

When Manning was drafted by the Colts in 1998 the team was worth $227 million, last among the league’s 30 teams and $47 million below the NFL median team value. The Colts are currently worth $1.1 billion, 11th among the league’s 32 teams and $64 million above the NFL median. While the typical NFL team increased 263% in value during Manning’s 14 years at Indianapolis, the value of the Colts rose 366%.
No matter where Manning ends up, it's not only big for that NFL team, but it's big for the city in many ways. The value of sponsorships are likely to rise considerably, and it can also effect the landscape for teams in other sports. The Phoenix Suns released a statement on their website pleading for Manning to come here, because they know that if Peyton chooses Phoenix it will potentially make the city look like a more desirable location to other free agents in the future. Not to mention the other great things Manning brings to the table for a city in terms of charitable causes.
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