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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
It's very nice. Jens and Wyman and I can't think of the "tennis ball" bird's name all looked like they were happily adjusted to their new environment. Great idea using the wooden coat hangers for perches!

How do you keep them warm, do you have a heater in the enclosed section?
Very shortly I shall have a greenhouse heater in the shed. This doesnt really heat the shed but it will keep the shed above freezing point at all times. Without it snowing they shouldnt need a heater although in the winter I may well give a blast of a proper heater for an hour a night.

Remember these are desert birds, so they have the ability to withstand great heat and a certain amount of cold. I cant really have a heater out there without them either burning themselves on it, or the wood catching fire...I also have no electricity in the back garden

Basically these are questions we are going to address the experts across the summer so that next winter we are prepared, but for now, the worst is behind us and we should be getting reasonable weather from now on...if it really gets VERY cold, frosty or worse...I will probably stuff them back in their cages and bring them in for the nights

The tennis ball bird is called Jojo
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