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Originally Posted by Primadawn View Post
I only got to see the last bit--from about where he took his belt back from GSP forward.

I loved that even the guys who really haven't liked Matt were mature enough to admit that he's the GOAT (Trigg, Serra) Matt Serra even said he was honored to have fought Hughes. Must get DVDs!!!
I thought they did a great job putting that together. I was astounded all over again watching those clips of Matt, just seeing the incredible power and strength he possessed. In the first Newton fight, when he lifts Carlos Newton up like that and carries him before slamming his head to the ground, that is just incredible! And of course, when he did it again with Trigg in their 2nd fight! Dana said it gives him chill bumps just talking about it!

It was great hearing BJ, Trigg, Serra, and even GSP giving such respect to Matt and what he's accomplished.

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