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Originally Posted by Play The Man View Post
The purpose of dating is to ultimately form a lifelong partnership involving erotic love. You aren't dating this woman for the conversation about religion. You are hoping to fall in love, get married, have sex, have children (hopefully, in that order) You should always assume that the person you are dating will not improve in any of the characteristics that you dislike. Women, especially, are prone to making the mistake that they will "change" the prospective mate. Odds are, she will not change (at least in a good way). She will not become a Christian. Any changes are likely to be ones you will not like (put on weight, nagging, focus on children and not on you, etc., etc., etc.). If you are married and are serious about your vows, you accept that fact and deal with any unpleasantries. You should not go into a marriage with conflicting views on the important things of life - like religion. You will have enough problems pop up without pre-existing ones. When you have children, she will not want to raise them with a devout faith that she does not share. In my opinion, it is unwise to date a woman that you don't see as marriage material. You are wasting her time as well as your own. If you BURN for her, it will not be long before you are involved in an intimate sexual relationship. Life is hard. Life isn't fair. Play The Man and break it off.
so you are saying some of us did it backwards?????????
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