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Cool. Interesting article.
I'm not sure what your point was in bolding certain parts. They were key parts
The author quoted Borlaug as attacking detractors as if they were ignorant name callers. Funny, if he'd seen the research on mutant corn, the INCREASE in chemical uses (specifically Roundup), the effects of those chemicals on us, and the increase in poverty (India, cotton), he'd know is comments were as ignorant as he tonally accused others of being.

Watch "The World According to Monsanto" and tell me if you think it's mere fear-mongering. There are other documents, articles, etc, but it's the most concise and accessible. I'm interested to hear your thoughts on it. It's mostly a greed issue. I think it was in "World" that they explain a little bit of how cross-breeding and modern genetic alterations are not similar enough to be lumped together. That's a mistake that Miller makes later in the article. We've already seen evidence of that. See the Mexican corn examples in "World."

To dispel a little more dis-information in Miller's article, Monsanto, a major gene spicer, has had (I think still has) people sitting on the boards (Codex Alimentarius) at the UN. The article makes it sound like there's a division between the parties. No, it's cross-bred. OH!!! that was bad.

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