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Originally Posted by mntnbikerbw View Post
No, not really.....other than the fact that I do not have the Windows 7 just yet. Once I get that, I'll start over from factory settings.

Right click on C Drive, click 'Format', right?


Formatting the drive just kind of tidies thing up (it's like the difference between straightening your house & cleaning your house). If you're trying to start from scratch, you'll want to do a system recovery, which will reset everything to factory settings. I found a thread HERE where another guy needed help doing the same thing with his ACER 5315. They talk a little about the difference between a system restore (going back to an early OK point) & a recovery (back to factory), as well as the process for both.

And by smart bug I just meant a virus which may have been coded to kind lie low & get missed by the standard "fixes" so it could pop out later to jerk you around.
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