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Originally Posted by mntnbikerbw View Post brother in-law purchased a laptop (Acer 5315-2153) from a friend that needed some money. I took it home to check it out. The friend claimed that he had it wiped clean, and it's virtually pretty clean.....but here's my issue.

I can't uninstall the AVG antivirus and install the Avast that I want to use. That's not the REAL issue, but it appears that someone (obviously before my brother in-law has a counterfeit operating system on here. There's a constant message on the computer that says: "You may be a victim of software counterfeiting. This copy of Windows did not pass genuine Windows validation." It currently has Windows XP on it.

Will installing Windows 7 wipe the whole computer clean, or should I format the harddrive prior to installing Windows 7? I guess that's my real issue/question. There's really nothing on the computer that needs to be backed up as my brother in-law never really used it.

Basically, I want to start the computer over from scratch with Windows 7.

If there's nothing that needs to be saved, is there anything else that's giving you pause about starting from factory conditions? Seems like just the safest option to me, rather than risk a smart-bug being hidden in there somewhere that cold come back to bite your b-i-l in the butt.
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