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I agree, I really didn't have any retort because I agreed.

It's kinda hard anymore though to agree who is the bigger PPV star with only the promoters talking about numbers rather than HBO or PPV releasing official numbers. It does seem skeptical as rumored Floyd had 800k with Ortiz while I think it was Ellerbe saying 1300k or something like that. Same with Pac's last fights except the Marquez fight that produced big numbers, I think it was 1.5 million. Mayweather's old 2.4 million with DLH makes a big difference. I could probably do a calculation of PPV buy averages since both guys fought DLH, but I really don't care. I honestly liked that Pac proposed 45/45 with 10% going to the winner; IMO, if Floyd really thinks he's going to win the fight, why didn't he accept that offer and go with it? I said years ago it should be 40/40 with 20% going to the winner, if both guys think they're so awesome, they should just do that. It's nice these guys kind of get to make their own decisions on things, but this kind of crap just really sours us fans who deserve this fight, and those guys deserve each other honestly.

IMO, the #s with Cotto/Mayweather will surpass Cotto/Pacquiao (1.25 million) though. This is a legitimate fight and a BADASS undercard, besides, we all know arguably Pac/Mayweather are #1/#2 PPV kings while you probably know, but most people probably don't know is that Cotto is the #3 PPV king. This fight should bring in the big bucks!

Not excited about watching Pacquiao face Bradley. That is a fight that looks good on paper only. I will probably only buy that if Tecate offers the $25 rebate here in TX again, but they may not since it's not a Mexican fighter against Pac.
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