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Originally Posted by rockdawg21 View Post
Yeah, I saw Ellerbe's response. I was like "meh". You know the majority of the PPV distributions are going to Mayweather anyways while the guys on the undercard probably get jack squat. May be the same way in the UFC, I really don't know, but the FCC got off their ass about it and let it be so I guess what the UFC is doing is ok.
Of course the lions share goes to Mayweather! Why shouldn't it?

The lions share goes to Manny too, with the only difference being that Bob Arum takes a huge chunk off the top from basically all the fighters on his cards. Not much different than what the UFC does when you consider that most of Top Rank's fights are booked with fighters they have under contract. That's why Bob despises Floyd so much, because Floyd didn't need Arum anymore, and hell hath no fury like a lover scorned.

I literally just watched an interview with Arum on ESPN 10 minutes ago where he claims that Floyd is demanding the lions share of the money against Manny simply because Manny is a foriegner. That is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard Arum say, and he's said some pretty crazy things over the years. Let's be real here, Floyd may say things that stir the pot to generate hype at times, but the only color he really cares about is that MEAN GREEN. Floyd wants the lions share because he feels he deserves it, and I think he is right. Floyd is the bigger PPV attraction (no matter how they try to spin it), he is undefeated, and Manny hasn't looked nearly as good in his last few fights as Floyd has. Bob says if Manny takes less than 50/50 he will look weak to the Filipino people going into a political campaign for governer. Any smart politician/PR person could easily spin that into Manny saying he took less money because he has made enough money in Boxing and he simply wanted to make the fight happen to shut up Mayweather for his disrespectful comments over the years. What is Bob gonna say if Floyd beats Cotto and Manny loses to Bradley? Will Manny still deserve 50/50?

As for Dana White, if he really despises Floyd so much, the best thing he could do is simply stop talking about him. Dana understands promotion as well as anybody, so he should know that Floyd is already an established figure in the sports world. Dana coming out and lambasting him at every opportunity is only helping to keep Floyd's name in the headlines. This little tirade made it to the front page of Yahoo!. Now that the UFC is getting all sorts of exposure on FOX, I'm sure more people are finding out who Dana White is. He would be better served to talk about UFC fighters rather than hand free publicity to a guy he supposedly hates. Mayweather isn't LeBron James, he actually wears the black hat very well, and I guarantee Floyd is laughing his ass off at all of this free press. It don't matter if you are talking good about him or talking bad about him, you are talking about him.
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