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Originally Posted by J.B. View Post
Lol, you could be right about losing a bet, nobody saw that coming. Still, I didnt see it as bashing Lin but rather the media. He said Lin was a good player, but that the hype was due to him being Asian. Its the media who creates the hype, and fact of the matter is that Lin being Asian does add to the hype. Its not the ONLY reason, but its definitely a factor.
Yeah, and I see that side too, but it's obvious where the majority of people are going to place it. I mean, he's said some ••••ty things about Pac and Filipinos over the years so it's easy to see why everybody would point it towards racism. Ironic considering how he likes to pulls his race card.

Same thing with the Tebow craze, he's a good guy and all, but it was pretty excessive. However, he bet $1,000,000 when the Patriots played in Denver, he may have had a big Twitter rant if he lost there too!
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