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Dana always seems to be talking about Floyd. It's as if he is irked by the fact that there is a fighter in Vegas who makes $40 million per fight and Dana isn't getting a cut. Taking shots at Floyd doesn't make people like the UFC any more than they already do. Floyd has worn the dark hat for years, so all Dana is doing is handing him more publicity.

The fact is, there is some truth to what Floyd said about Jeremy Lin. As for other comments he made in the past about Pacquiao and other things, really, who cares? Sure, it's not always tasteful to use stereotypes, such as saying that Pacquiao would have to cook him some sushi and rice (even though Pac isn't even Japanese). However, a lot of the Pacquiao fans have never had a problem making black jokes, such as making KFC references to imply Floyd was a chicken. This is something that is just a lot more common amongst boxers and boxing fans. Race/nationality has always been a big part of building up the fights going all the way back to very beginning.

The tern "racist" gets thrown around way too much nowadays and it devalues the strength of the word.
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