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I performed a prank on my dorm roommate back in college. On our campus, condoms were free from the health center. For my birthday, he picked up a couple dozen free condoms as a gift for me. It was a gag gift because I didn't have a girlfriend. He said, "Here you go . . . you won't be needing these for a long time."

My roommate was an only child with a very protective mother. She babied him. When she left a message on the answering machine, she would call her 20-year-old son "Pooh Bear". At home, every morning she would have the table set for him with breakfast served. At Thanksgiving break, he went home for the holiday. He took all his laundry so his mother could wash it. I took the condoms that he gave me as a gag gift and put them in a pocket in his pants in his laundry bag. For good measure, I put a pair of panties in the laundry bag (donated by our next-door neighbor whose ex-girlfriend had forgotten them in his dorm room). His first night home on break he had an uncomfortable dinner. In the middle of dinner, his mother produced the panties that she found in the laundry bag and started yelling at my roommate: "Tell me about this WHORE that you are seeing!" "I can't believe my baby is seeing a WHORE!" He denied knowing about the panties and said he was not sleeping with anybody.

The next day, she found the condoms in the laundry bag and confronted him again. "You are seeing a WHORE, aren't you!?!" "Aren't You!?! "I can't believe you are seeing a WHORE!" He had a very miserable Thanksgiving break.

I know it was wrong of me, but I still get a laugh out of that prank.
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