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Originally Posted by Bella79 View Post
My heart bleeds that you went through that.. I am so sorry, but I am also glad you are out of it... You are a strong woman.
You did not derail anything.. You speak from experience.
Thanks--it was a long time ago--I'm old now and have had enough really great experiences since then that it's faded away...The funny "silver lining" that it gave me--I was 5'2" and about 115 lb. He was 6'6" 220lb. It was not a fair fight...I used to be really timid though before I met him, and after I got out of that relationship, it made me really outspoken and it was as if I had made it through that, so nothing else could really scare me. (Until I had kids--that's a whole different kind of worry though!).

And on that note, I've been reading where Whitney's daughter has been taken to the hospital a few times since her death. I really hope she can find some peace.
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