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Loved watching him fight back in the day!!

Former PRIDE FC and K-1 star Gary Goodridge may no longer be competing in mixed martial arts, but that doesn't mean the 46-year-old bruiser isn't still fighting on a daily basis. His new opponents?

Slurred speech and prescription pain killers.

Indeed, according to a report from, Goodridge was recently diagnosed with early onset CTE/pugilistic dementia stemming from his long career of taking shots to the head both inside the ring and outside it during training and various sparring sessions.

Between MMA and kickboxing, Goodridge has amassed a staggering 80+ fights to his name since 1996. Unfortunately his career ended in a serious decline, as the Canadian was forced into retirement following seven consecutive losses dating back to March 2007.

But despite his sickness and declining health, he doesn't regret a single second of it.
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