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Originally Posted by Bella79 View Post
I don't even allow Rihanna or Chris Brown music in my house. I think she is an idiot and so is he.
I thank GOD I have never been hit by a man and the creeps I attract are cheaters, but that's a whole another story. I feel bad for women in situations like that, but I don't feel sorry for millionaires who can leave with no excuses. My heart goes out to a woman tied down financially with a jerk and gets beat for her kids to eat vs some rich broad who got whomped on and went back.. Just disgusts me!
It is hard to understand her decision to go back with him. I wish her the best; I just hope her decision to give him a second chance doesn't cost her more this time around.

I always wondered what attracted Whitney to Bobby Brown. I mean I don't see it, but I guess something about him attracted her. She had money and means, yet she chose to stay for 14 years so maybe women with money are just like other women, trapped in the psychological cycle of abuse.
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