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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
You can love each other and still be toxic together. It just seems like her life/career turned south after they married. I don't know, maybe she was already into drugs before they hooked up.

I'll never forget when they did that televised tribute to Clive Davis, Whitney was supposed to sing for him, and for some reason, Bobby Brown was on stage too, at one point he goes over and takes her mike from her and starts singing and jumping all over the stage like it was "his" performance. She seemed startled and maybe a little panicked and trying not to show it when he finally gives the mike back to her so she could finish singing. To me it was like he was trying to steal her thunder, her moment. I can't help but wonder if there wasn't some jealousy on his part towards her; sometimes when the woman is more famous and successful, the man's ego can't take it. And wasn't he abusive towards her? When they did that reality show, it didn't look like he was very respectful or nice to her.
Bobby was a total Ike.. Jealous of her.. Sad now Rihanna will be the next one victim to this.... Bleh, so sickening how toxic some people really are.. Sad that she could not get out of it for her childs sake even.. Just goes to show money nor fame cannot provide happiness and peace...
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