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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
OK, i know i am going to get a lot of flack for this, but it is a serious question. I know some people are gonna say things, like God's word can't be out-dated etc. What leads me to ask this question, is this ..

I recently saw a documentary called Love Crimes of Kabul ... it was about women who were committing "moral" crimes that went against the word of the koran ... the whole time i was watching it, i couldn't help but think how backward and out dated these people are .. and then i realized, they are just doing what the koran says ...

i then went and read my bible .. mostly Leviticus and looking at the different "laws" and it talks about killing adulterers, stoning those who talk against God etc ... and i thought to myself, what if the documentary was enforcing some of the laws of the bible ... i would also think the people were crazy and backward ..

so ... like i said, i know i will get some heat for this, but my intent is not to upset anyone ..
You're going to get heat if you're asking it respectfully. No it's not outdated - the Levitical texts you talk about refer to the old covenant between God and the Hebrew people.

Jesus is the new covenant. The Jews of today should be following their messiah, not those old laws.

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