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The problem is not the bible but mankind that is messed up. The reason you think it is outdated is because you have been conditioned by a liberal educational system to think there is no such thing as absolute truth. You have been told to think everything has a grey area. When in fact morality is black and white. There must be a compass by which to judge what is right and what is wrong.

Jesus came and fulfilled the laws of Moses so we are no longer under those laws. We can eat shellfish, we mix cheese and meat, we can enjoy bacon. We are not sent to Hell if we go to church on Sunday as opposed to Saturday. Etc Etc. Jesus had to concerns that summed up all the law and that was love your God with everything and love your neighbor. If one does that then they will not find themselves willfully sinning.

So the answer is a big NO the bible is not outdated In fact it is the most timeless writing on the planet. Man does not want to be held to such a high standard, so human nature tell them to view it as outdated and not needed.
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