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Default Is the Bible outdated?

OK, i know i am going to get a lot of flack for this, but it is a serious question. I know some people are gonna say things, like God's word can't be out-dated etc. What leads me to ask this question, is this ..

I recently saw a documentary called Love Crimes of Kabul ... it was about women who were committing "moral" crimes that went against the word of the koran ... the whole time i was watching it, i couldn't help but think how backward and out dated these people are .. and then i realized, they are just doing what the koran says ...

i then went and read my bible .. mostly Leviticus and looking at the different "laws" and it talks about killing adulterers, stoning those who talk against God etc ... and i thought to myself, what if the documentary was enforcing some of the laws of the bible ... i would also think the people were crazy and backward ..

so ... like i said, i know i will get some heat for this, but my intent is not to upset anyone ..
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