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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
Praying that you have a safe journey there and back, Conrad, and that the seeds you plant will be fruitful.
Originally Posted by Vizion View Post
Praying Conrad - no prayer returns void.

The seeds you plant will grow in one way or another!
Originally Posted by flo View Post
Yes, the same here, Conrad.
THanks guys! I got to my pit-stop coming back and the car made it through the mountains! I appreciate your prayers. God had blessed the mechanic before this trip!

Sorry I didn't get back to you all sooner, but I was accidentally deleted with a bunch of spam accounts. :( No hard feelings, but it made for a good laugh. All my old posts now have "Guest" as my title. After re-registering, Nate had to find me among the flood of spam registrations. His wheel was scrolling as fast as it could. My handful of PM's, contact list, whatever, is all gone! Lol. It wasn't much, but there was a note from boomer that was a good memory every time it flashed on my profile. Ha.

Thanks Dave, for mentioning me on your video. Since no one knows who Conrad is (aside from here), it's like being secretly famous! The car ran well!

The time with the tough audience went well, both directions. Well, better on the return leg. I was there for several days and not just an overnight.
My ultimate destination was fruitful too, I think. I don't wanna say much about what kind of things happened where I went because it involves other people's personal things. But, I think I was used a little bit to help others spiritually. I traveled to find some peaceful time and see what would happen, not with big, heavy-handed agendas. Spending time to "love on" the tough audience, on the return leg, has shown some cracks happening. That's a good thing. No gospel explained, but there is interest growing.


So, Bonnie, Flo, Viz, (Dave?) This is for you:

{I typed out a "little" detail for you three about how the actual trip went, not just the tough audience at the pit stop. Can't find how to do PM's anymore either. one asked & it's a bit odd to blather it in public. I can tell if you wanna know (save to scratch file). Here's the tail end of what I wrote.}

...yes, there were seeds planted on the trip including the travel stops

Thanks for praying me there and back. God has answered in spades.

( My church, for now, just put me on the calendar to speak about my trip. Of course, they didn't tell me I was on the calendar. I found out by accident. Not-informing me is SOP around here. What am I gonna tell them about this trip?? Ugh. )
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