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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post
Yes, and:

This really split the Anglican church along more than one fault line. The most obvious is conservative vs. liberal, but even within the conservatives, there was a divide. Some of them (like a dear sister church with whom I've gone on many missions trips) wanted to stay a part of the Episcopal Church in order to try & reform from the inside. For others, this was the final straw which place the Episcopal Church in the realm of an apostate entity. For those churches, they left the Episcopal Church and are now under the pervue of the African Gospel Churches.

It's a terrible and disheartening situation.
Indeed...the Gospel Churches decided to create their own mini-lambeth conference. They sent across people to the US Episcopal areas and basically set up their own diocise...AGAIN completely without the permission of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

He has basically seen the Communion split, and a kind of war going on between the ultra african conservatives, and the ultra liberal episcopals...meanwhile the Church of England which should be the overarching structure is not up to the challenge, largely because of the archbishops incompetance...He doesnt seem able to punish the episcopals, but he doesnt seem able to reign in the Gospel churches either. He wont ban them, he wont stop them having their own silly conferences...but he talks, yammers on forever philosophically, whilst the communion crumbles into a two tier system

Equally its the SAME divide over women in ministry that has the SAME people in uproar...its a dire would almost be better for the See to side with one or other, and cut the other one, then try and hold them together for the sake of a false unity which only serves the ease of access they have to undermine each other....The Episcopals ordaining who they want, the Gospel Church taking matters into its own hands...the Archbishop of Canterbury picking his nose...I mean, if you pardon the pun, for heavens sake, what they all need to do is call an emergency synod, sit down, all together, absolutely all of them, and not leave til they have a plan of what to do...and then they need to do it.

but...they talk...some of them, the ones that are prepared to show up. The Anglican church needs leadership...but the first-amoung-equals, doesnt even support the Established Church...which is the WHOLE reason his church exists in the first place....What hope has he of solving impossible divides against different varients of protestantism that want to call themselves anglicans...if he doesnt hold to the central premise of The Church of England style Anglicanism which would be completely lost if the Church and State were to become disestablished!
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