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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
Not Exactly.

The Anglican Communion includes the Episcopal Church of the United States of America, who ordained openly homosexual priests/bishops WITHOUT permission from the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Their actions have left the Communion on the verge of was so bad a number of African Gospel Churches which are part of the Communion, REFUSED to come to Lambeth to discuss matters, because they were so angry at what the American wing of Anglicanism had done.

it is basically a complete and utter mess.
Yes, and:

This really split the Anglican church along more than one fault line. The most obvious is conservative vs. liberal, but even within the conservatives, there was a divide. Some of them (like a dear sister church with whom I've gone on many missions trips) wanted to stay a part of the Episcopal Church in order to try & reform from the inside. For others, this was the final straw which place the Episcopal Church in the realm of an apostate entity. For those churches, they left the Episcopal Church and are now under the pervue of the African Gospel Churches.

It's a terrible and disheartening situation.
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