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its been a while.

Here is the present King of Prussia...Now Prussia used to be the seat of Germanic power during the late 1800s. Kaiser Wilhelm II was one of Queen Victorias Grandchildren on the Maternal side, which of course made for a terrible family relationship during the Great War

Under Wilhelm served the German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck. The two did not get along, and whilst Wilhelm was brash and immature, Otto was manipulative and calculating. Infact the Monarchy and the Chancellory had never gotten on. The problem was largely that the Kaiser position in relation to the Chancellory was supposed to be what the British Monarch is to the British Prime Minister. Added to this was the sence that neither aggreed politically, and both men wanted some form of supreme power at the others expense.

Otto favoured Rightwing, Wilhelm favoured socialism...and when Otto gained majority in the German Parliament the relationship reached confrontational proportions. The two played an outstanding twenty year battle of workplace politics within politics itself until the Kaiser won....but victory was short lived when Wilhelm backed the wrong side of the Great War. He was a close friend of Franz Ferdinand whose assasination started the war ball rolling. Germany became hated for what the Kaiser had done, and slowly but surely the Military support for Wilhelm dissapated. The British Throne was so horrified by that wing of the family, that they changed their surname by deedpole. The Americans were so angry that they basically told Germany that whilst Wilhelm was Kaiser they would not be inviting Germany to the peace talks after the war.

So Wilhelm abdicated and the Monarchy in Germany evaporated. Wilhelm blamed the Jews entirely for his downfall. With his temper and immaturity he suggested a great many ways of dealing with them. Yet he was horrified when Adolf Hitler burst onto the scene and began to litterally do what had been suggested. The feeling was mutual, Hitler might have been doing what Wilhelm suggested, but from the Chancellors point of view the Kaiser was responsible for the problems that Hitler was now trying to reverse with his march across europe.

Kaiser Wilhelm died before the outcome of the second world war in a time where it looked like Hitler might just eclipse everything the German Empire had once been.

Three or four Generations on from Wilhelm, Prince George of Prussia still exists as one of many lines long since without a throne.
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