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Originally Posted by PRShrek View Post
If anyone is going to come up with a new scoring system it should be we, the most knowledgeable and intelligent people on the internet.

I think this scoring system would reflect what is actually going on in the cage. Circling and pecking for five minutes and then grabbing a takedown in the closing seconds should not be worth ten points, and that round should not receive equal weight on the score card to rounds that contain actual fighting. The round itself should not have any weight on the score cards as it does now, rather the fighters actions over the course of the fight should be what matters.

At least, thatís my two cents.
i hear ya, but circling and pecking and getting the takedown is better than circling and pecking and getting taken down ... right now the scoring does slightly favour wrestlers more, but if standups happen too fast (ie. rumble vs vitor), than the advantage does to the striker .. imo, the scoring right now is probably as good as its gonna get
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