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Default MHF MMA Scoring

If anyone is going to come up with a new scoring system it should be we, the most knowledgeable and intelligent people on the internet.

I think attempts to cram the complexity of MMA into a scoring system designed for a single aspect sport are doomed from the outset. In my opinion if MMA is going to have a point system, the points should be awarded for things that we know from experience win fights. I think that if a behavior moves the fight forward, that is, an action that would contribute to eventually winning the fight if there were no time limit, that action should be awarded one point. For example:

Single strikes- Although these should generally not be scored, as landing one shot usually has little effect, I would score big leg kicks and body shots that land with audible or visible effect and any hit that stagers the opponent. Use of the jab, teep, or ground strikes to good effect throughout the round would also be worth a point.

Combinations- Good two or three strike combos should be worth a point, as these usually move the fight forward. I would consider scoring a solid combination even if only one or two land solidly.

Position control- Getting the takedown or dominant position does not by itself secure victory, and should not be scored as if it does, but being able to put your opponent where you want him to be should be scored as an advantage. I think shucking the takedown or immediately reversing or escaping from an inferior position should also be worth a point.

Active guard- If the fight goes to the guard, you can usually tell who will go on to win by whether the guy on the floor is moving and punching or just holding on and waiting.

Holding in check- I donít think submission attempts should automatically be awarded points, particularly ill advised attempts that leave the fighter in a worse position, but I think a submission threat that puts you in control of the fight should be worth a point.

I think this scoring system would reflect what is actually going on in the cage. Circling and pecking for five minutes and then grabbing a takedown in the closing seconds should not be worth ten points, and that round should not receive equal weight on the score card to rounds that contain actual fighting. The round itself should not have any weight on the score cards as it does now, rather the fighters actions over the course of the fight should be what matters.

At least, thatís my two cents.
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