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Thanks man, I was on a high after getting the photo with Roach for sure, lol!

Rubio is a nice guy too. I've got photos with him, but he wasn't really posing for me, he was catering to his Mexican fans, lol. That's fine with me though, they're the ones who are really there for him anyways. I'm there for Donaire on the real. I'm so excited to see this tomorrow night!

Oh, also met Michael Koncz, he's a nice guy in person, but I still think he's bad news for Pac.

At the end, there was just another guy and I; everybody else was outside the Alamodome. Bob Arum walked our way and we asked him politely for a quick photo, he didn't even look at us. I was real close to saying "•••• you too Bob" but it's a Top Rank crowd and although they probably feel the same, I was in the wrong place to say that, lol
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