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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
Wow. Did you come across anything in your research about the "why" of him submerging the village Fewston?

I don't know that I'd want to go walking around there either, Dave.
What I found bizzare, wasnt that he might have put a resevour was the fact he didnt demolish things first...that IS strange because at that time and in Harrogate you have old Churches being distroyed and their stone being re-used to build more Churches as they expanded...and yet several manor houses in a little hamlet...were not first taken down before flooding

Somehow that doesnt sit right with me.

The proximity of this site being in the shadow of Menwith Hill does not help. Menwith Hill has a bit of a reputation around here, because of what it is. When Tony Blair was Prime Minister he aided in the expansion of something called The Starwars Project. Put simply, the Starwars Project was the idea to build a set of Listening Stations to project a shield around the globe for the security of the Federal Republic of The United States of America. The idea was simple, detect Missiles far away so that you have time to respond to them and stop them before they approach your soverignty.

Initially there was a major concern that this shield could be used for offense by placing a permanent station in space above the planet so as to coordinate all the listening stations. But this never happened. The main problem the United States had was obvious, in order for the shield to work, the bases had to be placed all over the globe. There are several in England. One of them is Menwith Hill an old Royal Airforce Base. It was decomissioned as a British outpost and given over to the United States Airforce. The Americans do not really like people to take notice of this base...but its a little hard when the area is filled with what can only be described as townhouse sized golfballs

There is the common banter of what such a "spy" base might do. The most worrying I came across during my research was from people who claimed that the US military had been engaged in some kind of search, or chase through fewston...or more aptly, that woodland was in someway causing them bother that they could not speak about. Its all poppycot of course...but if you have ever watched the film "dog soldiers" the forrest looks like that!

No thank you, I'll have nothing to do with fewston or Menwith outside of a midsummers day at Noon
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