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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
I do not aggree with him about point 2...I think that is a nice way of justifying that its alright to say things you feel are right and upset other people. I also talk from the point of view of having to talk to the people that go through that negative reaction....and I have sometimes been in that situation.

For example. When a Senior Cleric (who has since become a Bishop) made up lies about me at Saint Paul's Cathedral...I had a VERY negative and extreme reaction. That was NOT because the Holy Spirit was "convicting me" it was because I couldnt believe that a Christian Institution of such high standing could try and get away with constructive dissmissal. It put me of Church 3 and a half years...and it made it impossible for me to receive communion for SEVEN which time I have never grown so fast in my spiritual sometimes when people react badly and is simply because you have upset them...and I dont think that many are capable of knowing which is conviction, and which is not. I think assuming that all saddness is conviction is a bad move. it puts people off you, off your theology, and rather then saving, pushes people further away.

I am all for telling people the truth, and telling them simply...but I would not try to justify my actions as GODly when they get upset and use that to reinforce my stance...and Nathan has used this argument many times on here over the year...and I will not approve of using that justification.

but points 1 and 3...we can all aggree on
Which is why I qualified point 2 with the word "usually." It was more of an encouragement not to get discouraged if the person reacts negatively, not a justification to push them even further into a negative reaction. Regardless of what is going on, if the person gets hostile, then it is best to disengage from the conversation and pray about it.

I've been the target of false accusations before and I know how frustrating it is dealing with someone who makes inaccurate assumptions about you and is absolutely convinced that they are right.

However, I never worry about hurting someone's feelings because feeling bad about yourself is not necessarily a bad thing for a Christian. In fact, it might be a requirement for a truly crucified life. As Martin Luther put it:

True sorrow must spring from the goodness and mercies of God, especially from the wounds of Christ, so that man comes first of all to a sense of his own ingratitude in view of divine goodness and thereupon to hatred of himself and love of the kindness of God. Then tears will flow and he will hate himself from the very depths of his heart, yet without despair. Then he will hate sin, not because of the punishment but because of his regard for the goodness of God; and when he has perceived this he will be preserved from despair and will despise himself most ardently, yet joyfully
You should also seek advice from other Christians about the matter without turning it into an excuse for gossip.
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