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Originally Posted by Irish Pride View Post
I have friends that claim to be religious. For the most part, they are Christian or consider themselves Born Again. They preach straight from the Bible, point out scriptures for just about everything, yet they are the first to go against what they preach.

They preach of having respect, yet condone and more over encourage disrespectful behavior and insulting behavior against others.

They preach of God's love, yet allow others hateful words and images to fill the ears and eyes of those around them.

Can you be a follower of Christ and NOT speak up for what is unjust, even if it is something simple?

What if you speak up sometimes, for some people, and not for others? What if you invoke the power you have for what you believe in against your enemies, and not among your own followers?

It's hard for me to not let this bother me, but when I hear what they say they believe, and their actions do not go hand-in-hand with their beliefs, it angers me.

Any thoughts to help me?
Are you asking if you should speak up? Or are you just worried that if you do then they will get angry at you?

If they are true friends then it should be easier. If they are your friends then I think you should discuss the general concept of brothers (or sisters) in Christ holding each other accountable for their actions. I would bring this up when there isn't anything hypocratic going on and you don't feel anger. You should get a good feel for how they feel about that. If they readily agree that it would be a good thing then you have an open invitation to (out of brotherly love) gently bring it up when you feel they are being hypocritical. (But be ready to accept input with an open heart to set a good example for them.

A few of my friends and I do this at work. We openly discussed it beforehand and kinda made a pact with each other to help keep each other in check. We have a horribly stressful job and at times need a little push in the right direction. I have never been upset by their input and I seem to be on the receiving end more than the others.

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