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Originally Posted by kevint13 View Post
Kiss your mother with that mouth?

I have never heard you talk that way Dave!

I try not to speak in that sort of manner...but sometimes I forget myself...more so in speaking then in writing. At work last week my Section Leader distressed me a tad...and my Manager made the unfortunate mistake of asking me what was wrong...sooooo I told him...

What happened was I had started to do the flowers and knew I wouldnt have finished them in time for break, so I called my Section Leader to arrange cover or else I couldnt leave. I gave him half an hours notice, and three quarters of an hour later he still hadnt got back to me, so I phoned reply, So I put a call out for him, no reply...then someone told me he'd gone for his break....sooooo I called the canteen, and got them to drag him to the phone to explain himself.

He said he was sorry but he forgot....thats when the manager came up behind me and heard me shout "oh, thats alright then" and slam the receiver down...and asked what was wrong I'm appauled to say I was most scathing about that particular section leader...and my manager just sort of stood there and looked at me blankly...then I wandered back to finish the flowers and I heard him go up to one of the nearby key collegues and say "I've never heard Dave sware before" and the KC turned round and said "when Dave is on one, NEVER ask him whats wrong"

I was supposed to go at was 11.15 before I was able to be relieved
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