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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
I hope your landlord isn't going to give you any trouble Dave. But really, what can you do if you don't have a more finite date of when your closing will take place. When you know, they'll know!

I'm really excited for you.
GOD forgive me...I have written the letter and back dated it to the twenty second of the month. Then if he claims that I havent given him exactly a months notice...I shall tell him its not my fault Royal Mail took two weeks to deliver it

I'm not asking for my bond he has double payment anyway for this month. I havent caused any vandalism...but the place has been lived in for six years and the carpets do need replacing just through age...I figured it would be dead mean to get nasty with him over a bond I paid six years ago...particularly as British Gas says im 194 pounds in credit and will pay it back when I close the account.

But if he gets narky...he shall find me difficult...and I think he knows after the Environmental Health issue last year, I do not make empty threats...If he persists in being a twat about things...He will find intelligence about how he has treated me and others I know on the front page of the Harrogate Advertizer He knows I already went to them about the fountains abbey photo (although I did it by way of the abbey so he couldnt get paid for the find) so he knows that I have it in me to go to the papers.

Heck...Whether he knows it or not...I would do that if he threatens or tries to con me out of any more money....and I'm likely not to give him the warning. Just send him a copy of the press after I leave with no forwarding address

I am neither as dumb...nor to my shame kind as I look.

I hope it doesnt come to that of course. I sincerely believe that he will breath a sigh of relief when I leave and not be difficult, because he's been walking on eggshells with me ever since the Inquision...and that was nearly three months perhaps this time he's actually learned that he can not abuse his tennants and hope to get away with it.

I think it was my prepared speech before the actual Inquision meeting, and the fact there were others there to witness it, that dropped the penny that I am no joke to my enemies
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