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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
I thought for those who dont follow my weekly video blog I would update you on the situation.

It goes like this.

We spent last week sorting out the contract package, the land registry, the mortgage deed, the stamp duty tax, the house deeds, and received information on the account to dump the deposit into which will be in by Tuesday.

The one issue is the carpark behind the house. On the deeds to the house it claims there are lots of garages there and everyone has to pay up keep and maintanence, althought the ammount and the regulating authority on that is missing. The vendor also says in the twenty years they have owned it, nothing has ever happened.

It took North Yorkshire County Council over a week to reply to my lawyer and say that in order to process the enquiry I will have to pay a charge...we think this will take time...but I wrote back and said fine...and now Mother says...why bother as we can find the information ourselves.

So I have to phone the lawyer tommorow and explain that I dont want her to pay the fee, dont want to know about the carpark, and want completion by Friday if possible.

I am really nervous about having to call her... until I have a completion date I cant do anything! and my work want to know when I plan to take the last of my holiday...and my landlord should have been told on the 22nd of January...
I hope your landlord isn't going to give you any trouble Dave. But really, what can you do if you don't have a more finite date of when your closing will take place. When you know, they'll know!

I'm really excited for you.
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