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Default If your account has been deleted...

The database seemed to be getting overloaded with spam accounts and I've been going through and deleting all of those. Unfortunately, it's not a quick process and, in the process of deleting tens of thousands of spam accounts, I might have unintentionally deleted several active accounts for regular members.

Unfortunately, if that happened to you, then there is really no way to retrieve your previous information, you will have to log back in under a new name. Please make sure to email me at once you have so I can immediately approve your new account. I apologize for the inconvenience.

I wanted to assure everyone that this has nothing to do with comments made on here, since I've been isolating accounts by join date and recent activity. Once all the spam accounts are cleared out, I will be deleting them on a more regular basis to make sure that this kind of mistake doesn't happen again. Once again, I apologize if your account has been deleted, it was completely unintentional.
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