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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
I understand what DNA is, Dave, I studied genetics in college. However, our knowledge of how it really works is still in its infancy, so I wouldn't go claiming that geneticists have unlocked the keys of life and death just yet. I believe the human genome is a locked box that we will likely never be granted full access to.

Even if it happens, however, it's only because GOD allows it to happen. It's not because we've somehow subverted His plans.
I'm glad to hear that

Then you will aggree that regardless of whether you classify us as animals or not. All life, including us, and animals are made from protein codes. Thus it is logical to suggest if you could understand what codes equate to what phenotype, then you could create it, by fabricating the genotype for it, be it animal or human or otherwise.

I would say to do that was subversion. It may be permitted...but GOD also permits sin in this world, that does not mean it is as he intended it to be.
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