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Default Badass Guy Calls one of the local MMA Gyms

King Webb is a guy who runs one of the local MMA Gyms in this area shared this phone call conversation on his Facebook. This is so great, I had to share it!

Guy calls my academy:

Guy - "I want to sign up at your school and fight in UFC"

Me - "Do you have any experience?"

Guy - "No, how long will it take? I feel ready now?"

Me - "I'll be honest, it's going to take at least 6 months to get you ready for UFC, unless your a badass then it will only take a month or so"

Guy - "I'm a badass"

Me - "Awesome, see you at class Killa!".

I'm gonna kick this guy in the face if he shows up.

Here's what happened to the last guy that talked crap to King:
So this guy drops in and watches my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class and he tells me that the art does not work and that his TKD, Boxing, Akido, shootfighting blend can defeat Jiu-Jitsu/MMA in a REAL Streetfight. It irritated me to say the least but I blew him off and he left the school. He then proceeded to call my wife and I challenging me to a match numerous times for about 6 weeks. I declined, but then he started telling people in town I was afraid of him and even went and challenged my 54 year old Thai Boxing instructor. The next time he called I accepted his challenge and this is a video of the 2 matches.
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