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Originally Posted by Vizion View Post
Women are not natural "fighters" in that traditional sense (i.e. combat sports).

They have their strengths, and their natural gifts and abilities. It seems like trying to have a "female version" of a man's sport is trying to pound a square peg through a round hole.

That may not be "PC", but since women's MMA is less popular for being "cool" and more popular for the "hot women" in it, I think my point validates itself.

MMA is 99.9% popular because of the male fighters. Will that ever change, not likely. Why? Because watching two women smash each other is just plain gross and wrong.
I guess thats the beauty of us Humans we all have different beliefs, likes and Opinions.

The only Hot Girls Ive seen in MMA are Gina, Ronda and Meisha. All the others are not so attractive and they still have some awesome fights. But Its ok I respect your Opinion. Just Like I find Baseball and Hockey to be the most boring and waste of time sports. Nothing anyone can tell me will make me like the.
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