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Originally Posted by NateR
The spammers seem to be getting through a little too easily right now, so I've reluctantly had to adjust the forum settings a bit. Now when someone registers, their first posts will go into a moderation queue to be reviewed by an Administrator before they appear on the boards.

The way it worked initially was that there were Guests and then Registered Users. To slow down the spammers, we chose to enable email verifications of all new accounts. So that created a third group called Members Awaiting Email Validation. Well many of the spammers are managing to get through that process and post graphic porn images on the forums before they are caught. So now everyone who signs up from this point on with be put into a fourth group, Users Awaiting Moderation. Which is the next step after email validation.

This means that someone will have to review the details of their account and manually approve them before they will be allowed to post. I didn't want to do this with the forums just starting back up again, but the few spammers have ruined it for the rest of us.

Many people will get approved without having to do anything because I will recognize them from the previous forums; but it's just one more step in the registration process. So I just ask that new members please be patient, if you can't post right away. I make it a point to check the forums every few hours, so you shouldn't have to wait too long, but if it seems that too much time is passing, then email me at and let me know who you are and your username so I can approve your account.
I think that its alright...many forums have a moderation period first...and your always around...its not like they will be waiting more then a day is it? unless you go on holiday ...Nathan you ever go on Holiday
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