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How is that possible. I've never accepted an international call. How did you get my phone number...I didnt even have that to provide for those when I was trying to arrange the States trip

There is Zero records of mine that indicate any international call, thats so monumental that its not something I would ever forget.

You say it was before the states trip? I might have to check my phone logs between march 2006-september 2007 unless you can be more precise...coz I wont lie...I have NO recollection of this event...
I'm sorry, my laundry just finished and I'm trying to leave the house. I e-mailed a friend and saw that bonnie had answered me. I'm 4 hours behind what I hoped for. I'll have to feed your obsessive compulsion for phone records later on....or not. (It doesn't sound healthy.)

It was around the time of the first changeover-migration that I experienced. You'll have to go back fairly well. You gave me your number in a PM.

P.s. Meanwhile.....Dragons!
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